The Artist

"What I do with paint is what I've done with my feet. Painting and drawing are the creative spirit establishing a two dimensional plane to exercise a creative skill  manipulatiing of line and form and a loaded brush to celebrate wildlife. Humans continue to discover similar wonderful creative skills in the wilderness as humans have done and are inspired by the landscpe, the environment and the animals to render them on the walls and ceilings of the mother earth's private surfaces, the floors, the walls and ceilings cavesl to ritualise, celebrate and simply enjoy, "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Hi I'm an Australian painter and I've succumbed to the aesthetics of nature. I studied art at Prahran College in Melbourne and again at Hobart's Univesity of Tasmania and here I currently reside. I've always loved wilderness and I've become aware of the importance of biodiversity and sustainability in the ecosystem humans have dominated on the recent past. I feel it is better to be creative withinin the patterns and processes of the natual world rather than be destructive from outside. I think we have much to look forward to when we maintain a respect for the many characters that share the natural world with us. I like to represent them as I see them, living and breeding and inspiring me.

Recent Artwork