A Wolf Among US

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A Wolf Among US

16.00" H x 16.00" W
Oil (on hardboard)
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Artist will donate 10% to Wolf Conservation Center from sale of this work.
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$650 USD

A black wolf on the edge of town, blue snowy evening, lights in the distance.  

I identify with wolves, they seem so much like us. Wolves evolved in families, find strength in numbers and help each other survive. They have full emotional lives. We like the same food. But we are forever persecuting them because they remind us of our darker side, which is our animal nature. We have pushed them out into the cold, and brought them into the warmth as dogs, meant to serve us emotionally as well as physically. The wolf remains fully outside of the realm of domestication. 

I wanted this wolf to embody untamed energy, just beyond the lights of civilization. If we look hard, we can still find wild nature in ourselves.

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