Snow song dog

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Snow song dog

12.00" H x 9.00" W
Egg tempera (Oil finish)
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$500 USD

Coyotes are a persecuted and misunderstood species.  400,000 are killed in the US each year, nearly 1,100 individuals a day. Since 1931, taxpayers have been footing the bill for Wildlife Services to shoot, poison or trap  around 80,000 of these canids.  The other 320,000 are killed in contests across the US.  This is ineffective management and actually tends to increase the population.  As more coyotes are removed, small mammal populations increase, and coyotes adapt by increasing the size of their liters. 


Coyotes mate for life and they feel sadness and grief when they lose a partner.  I painted this one howling for connection, howling for it’s lost mate.

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Song dog | Giclee (signed/numbered) 100 12.00 H x 9.00 W $100.00 USD

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