Big Baby

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Big Baby

18.00" H x 24.00" W
Wildlife, elephants
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Artist will donate 10% to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust from sale of this work.
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$950 USD

From Charles Foster’s article “If you were an Elephant”. “You’d follow a labyrinth of old roads, relying on the wisdom of long-dead elephants, now passed down to your matriarch. You’d have the happiest kind of political system, run by wise old women, appointed for their knowledge of the world and their judgment, uninterested in hierarchy for hierarchy’s sake, and seeking the greatest good for the greatest number.” 

If we could take a lesson from the elephants, we “wise apes” would be a lot better off. They are so connected to each other, and rely on the elders to show them the paths and ways to be an elephant, just as many indigenous people have done in the past. I adore elephants and especially the hairy little baby Indian elephants. Babies dont yet know how to use their trunks, sometimes even tripping over them, before they realize it is their special appendage, sensitive, able to pick up a marble or smash walls. You would be able to comfort others with that trunk, and carry your dead with the help of your tusks, which are giant teeth. They grieve the deaths of others, cover the bodies with soil and vegetation, and even do this with humans, because they have empathy. They tune into others miles away. They feel things deeply. They are better people than many people.


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