Chris considers herself an ‘unplanned’ artist.  She comes from a family of painters yet never sought to follow an art career. Instead she chose a path of conservation and recreation management with "a bit of drawing on the side".  Hence, the natural environment continues to have a significant influence on her work.  

​Primarily a self-taught illustrator, Chris focussed mostly on colour pencil/ink and water colour. Her illustrations have appeared in books such as Stein Valley Wilderness Guidebook  and Attracting Backyard Wildlife, as well as numerous natural history booklets and interpretative signs throughout BC. During a memorable career in BC Parks, Chris was an avid promoter of environmental education and as such, designed many interpretive displays and brochures connecting people to their environment.

As for painting...Chris finally ventured into putting brush to canvas a few years ago after a rather fascinating conversation with a psychic...​​​

Chris also currently serves on the board of the Federation of Canadian Artists, working to expand opportunities and networking for artists across Canada.


Support for Conservation: 

Chris actively supports conservation efforts in British Columbia. She is passionate about the need to connect children with nature and currently serves on the board of the Pacific Foundation for Understanding Nature. 

Special Achievements: 

Chris has assisted local communities in their efforts to engage folks into understanding nature. One of her favorite projects to date was illustrating the "Discover Nature" booklet with the Burke Mountain Naturalists.