The Artist

"Have you ever stood still in a forest in early spring and tried to count the various shades of green in front of you? It's overwhelming and fantastic all at the same time. This is what inspires me. Each painting is my attempt to capture the moment when we stand still long enough to focus on one small spot in the blur of life. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Nature has always been a grounding element in my life. As a child I was blessed with a family that encouraged outdoor play and exploration. As an adult I chose a career that let me continue that sense of wonder through environmental education and conservation management.

Drawing was a gift I was born with. As an illustrator, I always sought projects to help further people's connection to their environment. When I ventured into oil painting, I found a new 'voice' to encourage that connection. My goal has always been to get people to stop and think about the wild spaces and creatures around them and the impact we can have. If my work can inspire even one person to connect to nature, embrace it and be inspired to conserve it, it's a good day!

Recent Artwork