"My particular interest is in conserving those elements of nature that persist in our urban settings. As more and more of us live in big cities our connection with nature becomes more tenuous. Nature, and preserving it, can seem irrelevant to daily life. City dwellers can start to believe that real "Nature" is experienced only by driving to distant wilderness areas. In my work, I try to encourage the appreciation of the natural world that is right in front of our urban eyes. Character-full crow are excellent ambassadors for this cause —which is why they are often the focus of my images and my blog posts.  "

I have been involved in local efforts to save urban trees and bird habitat. I am a regular donor to Wildlife Rescue Association of BC and, in addition,  10% of sales from this website will be donated to that organization.

In my younger years I worked as a treeplanter for ten years, planting around half a million trees over the course of a decade.

Conservation Projects & Causes

Wildlife Rescue Association of BC

The Wildlife Rescue Association is mostly known for their wildlife hospital and rehabilitation facility. More than 5,000 wild animals are admitted every year which need help.

Wildlife Rescue also operates a Wildlife Helpline that is operated 7 days a week to assist the public with questions about wildlife and help them with any wildlife situation. Public education about wildlife is also an important component of their work.