Chantal Dupuis is native from Hull (Gatineau), Quebec and now lives in Orleans, Ontario.  Chantal is a lover of the wilderness, and captures nature’s essence or the charming, soulful character of the subjects and animals she paints.   Viewers are most interested in her art because they can recognize the familiar or be transported into the unknown but what each and everyone comes out with is a journey into a scene with movement, emotions and peace. 

Always enamoured of the wilderness and myriad arts and crafts, she began to paint by chance in 2015 when, impulsively, she bought a sample kit of student acrylic paints from a local craft store.

Diagnosed with a rare genetic corneal dystrophy that same year, she became so light sensitive that she was mostly housebound and lived in perpetual twilight.  This lead her to attempt to capture nature and its inhabitants at home, where the student kit spurred an exploration for a medium that fitted her needs.  She has never looked back and strives to capture as many animals as she can while granted the time to do so!


Support for Conservation: 

I am currently working on artwork that will provide support for the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre with their fundraising activities to build a new complex.