Chantal was born in the old Hull area (now Gatineau), Quebec and has spent the majority of her adult life in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada). She picked up painting in 2015 when a rare corneal dystrophy started to affect her vision and forced her to spend most of her time in perpetual dusk. Wanting to capture life’s colours, she started learning on her own, and with local teachers, and has not looked back since.​

Her style changes as she matures with the art forms but she has concentrated on watercolour and oils.  Mostly, somewhat in realism-ish, she tries to capture nature’s essence or the charming character of some of the subjects she paints.  As she describes it:  “the goal is to capture the critter in action of some sort but never to fix them permanently in their environment, this stays fluid and abstract as I feel that they need that space to be.”

Her goal, through the company The Silver Birch Project which she founded with her family, is to do fundraising to help wildlife animal shelters and/or rescue centres.  The changes in climate have affected everyone, especially the creatures on our planet which cannot cope as easily with habitat changes.  As such, Chantal donates parts of the sales she makes to the organization that are sponsored by the SBP or through the Artists for Conservation Foundation. 

In 2019, Chantal was accepted by the Artists for Conservation Foundation as a Signature Level member.  As such, her fundraising work continues along with her exploration of nature and her rendering of it.​

Chantal is also a member of the Kanata Civic Art Gallery where you can see some of her artwork throughout the year.  (

Support for Conservation: 

I am currently working on artwork that will provide support for the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre with their fundraising activities to build a new complex.

As a part of the Silver Birch Project, we have started to support them this year but we will try our best to provide continuous support until (and after) they are settled into their new home.