"I am committed to maintaining a planet that is habitable for humans and wildlife "

I am currently a member of the Canadian Wildlife Federation and the National Wildlife Federation. I am supporting these two organizations because I believe in their efforts to support habitats. I am particularly interested in the creation of the Wildlife Corridors, which the NWF is currently creating across America, much as Banff has done within the park to prevent animals from being killed attempting to cross highways. For me, I am attracted to the giants of the Canadian Wilderness, the Grizzly,  Elk, Moose, and would gladly participate in events to preserve their protected status or preserve habitats.  I am willing to donate artwork to conservation causes and I welcome opportunities and am prepared to contribute in whatever ways possible. This for me is a passion project; one that helps me to give real meaning to my work.

Conservation Projects & Causes

Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program

Ecosystem Connectivity in the Okanagan

Ecosystem connectivity describes the interconnected network of habitat patches and migration corridors that sustain all life. Maintaining ecosystem connectivity is essential for species survival, movement, and genetic diversity, as well as for the ecosystem functions which support essential food, air, and water systems for people. In the Okanagan Valley, we are facing our final opportunity to keep connectivity in the low elevation ecosystems, which are the most important for biodiversity, and most threatened. The fast rate of development in the...

Jim Prentice Wildlife Corridor

Upon completion of this project, the Nature Conservatory of Canada will create  a wildlife corridor over five kilometres wide will be conserved for the long term. This will support critical animal movement between the newly created Castle Crown Provincial Park, Waterton and Glacier International Parks and areas to the south, including Montana, to parks and protected areas north of Highway 3.