The Artist

"    “My art is about connecting... connecting to things that make you feel. I celebrate expression and emotion through a loose, gestural style, that is both complex and simplified” Let’s connect.   My work is a compilation of seemingly random strokes, weaving into something that exists in our world. It is a creation out of nothing, gestural strokes, marks on a canvas. I have recently discovered that while we have the capability to re-make ourselves for all outward appearances, our artistic voices will only sing when we embrace who we are. I am an emotional painter. I am deeply connected to the land and its creatures. I paint from the heart and In turn I invite you to connect with me through my art. I was raised in a small town where my family worked the

My art is in many ways about connections.

As an artist I seek a connection. I paint in a way that asks you to connect. To feel and see the vulnerabilities, or the fragileness of the moment.

Recent Artwork