"Education is power. We all have a voice and together we can bring change. Through my art and volunteering I am fortunate to educate and inspire others so that we can be assured the wonders of our world will continue for future generations.  "

My passion for conservatio was ignited in the 1990s when I worked in Namibia for the Cheetah Conservation Fund. It grew from there and I have traveled many places, all of which had something special amd inspiring. I am intrigued by the creative ways to stop poaching and wonder at the work being done to try to ensure a sustainable existence for both man and beast with the expanding human population. The palm oil industry and continued destruction of our rainforests worry me. Closer to home, trying to reduce plastic consumption and use of pesticides and the overall future health of the oceans and water supply is a particular concern and one that I try to mitigste and encourage others to do the same.

I support many causes including the Soysambu Conservancy, African Wildlife Foundation, Nature Conservancy, Rainforest Alliance and the California State Parks and Coastside State Parks Association. My support comes in many forms including direct financial donations, doantions from art sales, donations of art, and volunteering my time. I raised money in 2018 by donating art for fire relief in California as well as through the Sketches for Survival in the UK.