Storm Over Broken Stripes

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Storm Over Broken Stripes

African Wildlife
31.00cm H x 46.00cm W
Colored Pencil
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Artist will donate 10% to Painted Dog Conservation Organisation from sale of this work.
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I have always loved the smell of rain on parched earth and listening to the heavy drops striking a canvas fly.  Margie and I were camped in a tent at Plains Camp when the opening short rains broke the dry season over Kruger National Park.

The angry sky in this drawing depicts the intensity of an African thunderstorm.  The zebra mares and foals are beginning to nervously huddle together for comfort as thunder crashes in the background.  One of the mares is displaying broken stripes on her hind quarters caused by the ripping claws of a lion in a failed hunting attempt to bring her down.  The lacerations have healed giving an irregular broken stripes pattern.  Lion generally have a low hunting success rate and scars such as this are often seen by the observant eye amongst the zebra herds.

Available Editions of this Artwork

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Storm Over Broken Stripes | Giclee (signed/numbered) 300 31.00cm H x 46.00cm W $265.00 USD

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