Nature's Fury

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Nature's Fury

African Wildlife
78.00cm H x 70.00cm W
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African Elephant
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The inspiration for this drawing came from countless hours spent sitting quietly besides this permanent waterhole at the Makwa Pan, Hwange NP. This is a favourite place for large family herds of elephants to come in to quench their thirst and socially congregate briefly before dispersing again. These encounters are a marvellous opportunity to observe and film the antics of the young and interactions between the often related family groups and other species. In 2007, with Zimbabwe in chaos and human despair, we had the park almost to ourselves for several weeks. One afternoon on our return to Makwa we witnessed a noisy upheaval at the waterhole when three painted hunting dogs nonchalantly came out of the nearby teak woodland to drink, disturbing a large family herd of elephants. The commotion attracted the attention of a pride of lion that we had noticed earlier that morning, laying almost out of sight under bushes several hundred metres away. Upon seeing the dogs, several lionesses got up from their concealed repose and stealthily stalked the intruders. Their sudden appearance only increased the frenzied behaviour of the elephants and several trumpeting cows charged the big cats. In this drawing it is a large tusked bull elephant that is shown venting his anger, may be at an encroaching lion, with a full frontal charge. In the background nervous cows with calves hurriedly leave the waterhole while a young bull, still with the herd, stands his ground with outstretched trunk testing the air to locate the source of danger. Behind and above the bull the looming thunderstorm opens the season with a torrential downpour. The dust of this brief encounter will soon be erased and forgotten but the parched soils will be quickly transformed into a carpet of green to become the sustenance for the animals of the African bushveld.

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Nature's Fury | Giclee (signed/numbered) 300 78.00cm H x 70.00cm W $345.00 USD

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