A Cautious Approach

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A Cautious Approach

African Wildlife
34.00cm H x 49.00cm W
Year Completed:
African Elephants
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I love watching family herds of elephants coming into water and seeing the behavioural interactions within and between groups at the waterhole and the frolicking antics of the young. The normally silent and purposeful approach changes dramatically when there are large predators or even humans about causing the herds to hesitate, maybe trumpet, rumble and bunch together in a group defence display with trunks held vertically, scenting the air to confirm or locate a potential threat.

Cautious Approach represents this scenario with a young elephant, accompanied by a common companion the cattle egret, boldly in defiance ahead of the adult group. Eventually it will be enclosed by concerned and protective adults until the danger has passed. In the background, other members run forward to group together and a young stationary female displays a threat reaction by spreading her ears forward to their fullest extent and a stiffened tail. The copious dung from concentrated elephant traffic being picked through by helmeted guinea fowl in the background indicates the presence of a waterhole.

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A Cautious Approach Limited Edition Print | Giclee (signed/numbered) 300 34.00cm H x 49.00cm W $265.00 USD

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