Awards & Achievements

  • Aug, 2018

    “Battle of the Orca and Thunderbird” awarded “Best of Show Sculpture” for the Artist for Conservation 2018 International Nature Art Exhibition and Tour


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  • Aug, 2017

    “Ball Python Twins” sculpture was accepted for the Artist for Conservation 2017 International Exhibition and Tour

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  • Jan, 2017

    On their website, Artist for Conservation states they are:

    “Engaging and educating individuals and organizations through artistic expression to convey the importance and urgency of sustaining our natural heritage.”

    As well as:

    “Supporting art-science field research expeditions to study endangered species and threatened habitats.”

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  • Jan, 2014

    The Explorers Club members, with world headquarters in New York City, display a strong and sincere desire to protect all life and environments as well as historical and archeological sites.

    “The Explorers Club promotes the scientific exploration of land, sea, air, and space by supporting research and education in the physical, natural and biological sciences.”

    I was elected into The Explorers Club based on my work with endangered human cultures. To date, I have traveled to 95 countries living with various indigenous groups for extended periods of time while collecting historical information on slides, photographs, video, tape recordings, sketches and notes. I have had the opportunity to place collections in various museums as well as help and encourage diverse indigenous groups establish local collections.  

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