The Artist

"Through my creative work, I endeavour to advertise the beauty I see and sense around me in nature. However, I am acutely aware that the act of trying to capture something living and beautiful and place it on paper or canvas destroys its transience and energy as it becomes static.  Beauty interrupts everything but refuses to be captured. I can only hope that my words and images might pierce the thoughts of complacency endemic in our species so that the attitude of: "It won't happen in my lifetime", is replaced by an attitude of: "How can I support and heal our planet?". "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

I have been in love with the natural world since childhood: equally, I have loved painting, drawing and writing.  It is no surprise therefore, that throughout my professional life I have worked with plants, flowers and trees, finding inspiration from the living world around me..

We talk of a heaven, but we have heaven here on earth if only we were to look, notice and feel. Nature has sustained us for centuries, fed and watered us, given us healing herbs and provided beautiful places of refuge when we are in trouble.  Now the earth is sick herself and desperately in need of healing.   We are not custodians of the natural world, we are an intrinsic part of it and therefore, if we destroy our environment, we destroy ourselves. Much of my teaching  has focused on this: we are living and breathing with the earth, we must sense the earth, feel her pain and minister to her needs.



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