"We, human and animal, are the same. No greater, no lesser.  If I can help portray this equality we become one minuscule step closer to obliterating the grievous misunderstanding between our species. The damage we humans have caused must be healed as best possible. Let us build a global commanding compassion. Let it fuel vital conservation on their behalf. We owe it to our wildlife brethren for all we have taken.  "


Supported Conservation: 

Wildlife Rescue, Burnaby, BC 

Burnaby Lake Park Association, Burnaby, BC

George C Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Ladner, BC  

OWL Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society, Delta, BC

Northern Spotted Owl Breeding Program, Langley, BC 

Marmot Recovery Foundation, Nanaimo, BC   

BC Nature, BC

One Tree Planted, Canada

Spectacled Bear Conservation


Volunteer for Cedar Creek: Eyes on the Wild 

Volunteer for Chimp & See

Volunteer sewer: making recovery items for animals injured in Austalian Fires 2020