The Artist

"When I created the piece “Survivor” something inside of me clicked. I knew I had found what I was supposed to be creating.  That first piece has lead me down a new path in my artistic journey.  Nature inspiring the artist. The artist creating art. The art funding conservation. What a beautiful cycle to be a part of. I am so pleased to be a part of AFC, to use Art to help fuel conservation.  "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

"Art has always been a big part of me. It's something I've been able to hold onto through all phases of my life. Starting in graphite I slowly merged my way into Coloured Pencil pieces. I love the bold, expressive visuals I can achieve with sharp pencil tips atop a Black Rag backdrop. Everyone can relate to Coloured Pencil as a medium because everyone has experience with a simple pencil!"

Most of my Artwork features Birds and/or Wildlife.  I find Nature a wonderfully grounding part of my life. Taking time to connect with local fauna and flora is so very vital in our over processed, modernized lifestyles. We need to cultivate our emotional connection to Nature. Let this bond inspire us to support conservation. Let us strive to protect all beings that reside on our treasured planet. 

Recent Artwork