The Artist

"Using allegory to draw a corollary between the subject and the human condition, often depicting endangered species and the ocean, I strive to capture the essence of the subject with exquisite focus, leaving the remainder in semi-abstracted form.  The subject must be soulful, I work spontaneously, provoking an emotion, a connection with the viewer without necessarily telling the whole story -  the viewer is invited to explore their memory or emotional connection to the work. The process of watching beautiful pigment and water explode with life in the tooth, tangle, weave and flow is deeply fascinating and utterly captivating.  Each pigment has it’s unique character clamouring for expression and I have to give it voice. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

An auto-didact I started painting in 2012 after a series of life changing events that turned my world upside down and every which way. Art exploded to the top, specifically watercolour. I cannot get enough of this medium, it is all encompassing, fascinating, enriching, constantly educating, organic, filled with life. It is perfect for working on my endangered animals and places of our world which are hugely important to me as a conservationist. We live on 24.5 acres of secondary growth woodland, on a hill overlooking the ocean, so have the best of all worlds. A mob of six (and growing) red-necked wallabies, koalas, goannas, phascogales and more share their home with us, where they are safe, and we are re-purposing the land back to food and habitat vegetation for these animals. I have constant resource right outside my window!

Recent Artwork