Above the Roiling Waters

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Above the Roiling Waters

20.00" H x 38.00" W
Acrylic (Acrylic on Masonite)
River, Blue Heron, Landscape
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Artist will donate 5% to National Parks Conservation Association (USA) from sale of this work.
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(dedicated to Marshall)


While exploring the “Rocky Broad River” that flows into Lake lure near Chimney Rock, North Carolina, We spent some time observing and photographing this blue heron as it hopped from rock to rock down the center of the stream. I have featured herons in a few other paintings, and have observed hundreds of them over the years, but this young bird was not like any I had ever seen before. His feathers were the bluest that I have ever seen, and where all other herons I have observed had primarily yellow beaks and yellow to yellow-brown legs this one had blue on the upper beak and blue legs. I did this painting while my Grandson (Marshall) was in a children’s hospital battling Burkitts Lymphoma. We were not allowed to visit him due to covid-19. Like this young heron, Marshall is unique. He has remained positive and happy throughout his chemotherapy treatments and has shown great courage as he has stayed above the roiling waters, always focused on the calmer waters that lay ahead. We are so proud of our little Marsh man.

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Above the Roiling Waters | Giclee (signed/numbered) 150

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