The Journey Begins

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The Journey Begins

80.00" H x 40.00" W
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Common Loons
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"This is a painting about a great adventure and the beginning of new life in a land of awe inspiring beauty and history. Killarney National Park area was visited by notable explorers like Samuel de Champlain and the fur-traders called ‘voyageurs' along with the many Indian tribes like the Iroquois. Like these voyageurs, the loons travel from their larger body of water winter location to their spring nesting location on the northern lakes of Killarney, like O.S.A. Lake where my painting was imagined. Until recently, loons were thought to mate for life. However, banding loons to allow the identification of individuals has shown that loons will often switch mates if their previous mate does not return in the spring or is displaced by a rival loon during the breeding season. The Common Loon, over the years, has endured DDT poisoning, habitat incursion and pollutants that weaken egg shells and prevent hatching. We need to continue to preserve these habitats for their survival. The Journey Must Continue."

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