Rejoice | Sculpture by Don Alemany | Artists for ConservationRejoice | Sculpture by Don Alemany | Artists for Conservation


12.00" H x 12.00" W x 10.00" D
Wood (wood and brass)
Common Yellowthroat
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Artist will donate 15% to The Owl Foundation from sale of this work.
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$1,000 USD



AFC Honorable Mention Award WinnerHonorable Mention Award




In April's grasp, as winter lingers on,

I carve out moments for a melody to dawn.

A warbler or vireo, their notes entwine,

Against the chill, a song so divine.


Spring's hesitant touch, still in the air,

Yet in mid-May, a promise rare.

Warblers emerge, a vibrant parade,

Signaling summer's grand serenade.


Tiny jewels in feathered attire,

They set the trees and skies on fire.

With hues that dance, a fleeting thrill,

Nature's canvas, alive and still.


In the midst of buds and blossoms fair,

A symphony of wings fills the air.

The first encounter, a joy profound,

Summer's herald in the warbler's sound.


Each note a beacon of warmth and cheer,

Banishing remnants of winter's drear.

I rejoice, a summer soul's delight,

As warblers paint the day and night.


So let April linger and winter fade,

For warblers herald the sunshine brigade.

In their melodies, a promise true,

That summer's embrace is overdue.


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