Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time | Sculpture by Don Alemany | Artists for ConservationOnce Upon a Time | Sculpture by Don Alemany | Artists for ConservationOnce Upon a Time | Sculpture by Don Alemany | Artists for Conservation

Once Upon a Time

12.00" H x 12.00" W x 10.00" D
Wood (wood and brass)
Bachman's Warbler
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Artist will donate 10% to The Owl Foundation from sale of this work.
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$1,000 USD

Once Upon a Time


In a world where shadows whispered through the trees,

Once sang a bird, borne on gentle breeze.

Bachman's Warbler, a creature of grace,

 In the wild's embrace, found its dwelling place.


Feathers of gold, a melody rare,

 A song that echoed through the forest air.

 But now, alas, the melody is gone,

 For Bachman's Warbler, the saddest swan song.


Listed, not in glory, but in sorrow,

An epitaph written for a bleak tomorrow.

 Once upon a time, the woods did sing,

With the joyous notes this warbler would bring.


Amidst the leaves and the dappled light,

 It danced and flittered, a creature so bright.

Yet, human hands wrought a cruel fate,

 Sealed in the annals of nature's heartache.


Clear-cut forests, progress unforgiving,

 A world blind to the life it was stealing.

The Bachman's Warbler, with wings unfurled,

 Now etched in the annals of the extinct world.


Silent now, the once vibrant refrain,

Echoes of loss, haunting the terrain.

 No more to be seen in the morning's hush,

 No more to be heard in the evening's blush.


Oh, Bachman's Warbler, lost to the past,

 Your memory lingers, a mournful cast.

Once upon a time, you graced the Earth,

 Now, only silence, a testament to its dearth.


In the hallowed halls of extinction's list,

 A tragic tale of what we dismissed.

Once upon a time, a melody sung,

Now a requiem for a warbler, forever young.

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