Here I Am

Here I Am | Sculpture by Don Alemany | Artists for ConservationHere I Am | Sculpture by Don Alemany | Artists for Conservation

Here I Am

6.00" H x 5.00" W x 10.00" D
Wood (Woodcarving ,and acrylic)
Original for Sale:
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Artist will donate 10% to The Owl Foundation from sale of this work.
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$1,500 USD

Here I Am

Beneath the canopy, where secrets hide,

 The woodcock weaves, a master of disguise.

 Its plumage blends with the fading light,

A puzzle unsolved in the approaching night.


With nimble steps, on mossy ground,

 The woodcock tiptoes, without a sound.

In the quiet glade, where sunbeams wane,

It plays hide and seek, a cryptic refrain.


A needle in haystack, nature's shy delight,

 The woodcock dances in the fading light.

Through tangled branches and whispers of leaves,

An enigma in feathers, who gently deceives.


Eyes strain to follow the woodland sprite,

 A ballet in shadows, a fleeting delight.

In nature's theater, where mysteries croon,

 The woodcock's secret remains, a hidden boon.




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