Fear the Night

Fear the Night | Sculpture by Don Alemany | Artists for ConservationFear the Night | Sculpture by Don Alemany | Artists for Conservation

Fear the Night

12.00" H x 10.00" W
Wood (Wood carving-Acrylic paint)
Year Completed:
Eastern Screech Owl & cedar snag
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Fear the Night

In twilight's hushed embrace, a cedar snag stands,

 A sentinel of shadows in enchanted lands.

Silent witness to the owl's nocturnal flight,

Where Eastern Screech Owls weave through fading light.


Beneath a tapestry of celestial hues,

The owl emerges, an ethereal muse.

 Banking around the snag with feathers so keen,

 In the gathering dusk, a specter unseen.


A phantom of the night, a hunter's ballet,

 Whispers of wings in the dying day.

Eyes ablaze with starlight, talons sharp and wise,

 An Eastern Screech Owl in the shadows lies.


The cedar snag, a relic of time gone by,

 Its branches like fingers reaching for the sky.

A skeletal silhouette against the dimming fire,

 A haunting perch for the owl's desire.



As daylight surrenders to the moon's soft call,

The owl descends, a ghostly thrall.

 Casting shadows upon the cedar's decay,

 A dance of predators in the twilight's gray.


Through the canvas of dusk, a symphony unfolds,

A silent sonata as the cedar snag holds.

The owl, a phantom, in pursuit of the night,

 A haunting melody, a hunter's flight.


The cedar snag, a sentinel in the gloaming,

 Bears witness to the owl's nightly roaming.

 In this dim-lit theater, the drama unfolds,

 An Eastern Screech Owl, a tale untold.

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