Chokecherry Wine

Chokecherry Wine | Sculpture by Don Alemany | Artists for ConservationChokecherry Wine | Sculpture by Don Alemany | Artists for Conservation

Chokecherry Wine

23.00cm H x 19.00cm W x 19.00cm D
Wood (Woodcarving ,brass and acrylic)
Year Completed:
Blue jay and Chokecherry branch
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Artist will donate 10% to Artists for Conservation (AFC) from sale of this work.
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$2,200 USD

Chokecherry Wine In this 3 dimensional art piece, a highly detailed blue jay stands atop a weather worn branch, its beak holding a berry. Do birds get intoxicated eating over ripe berries? The bird's feathers are depicted in intricate detail, with individual strands carefully crafted to give the appearance of real, vibrant plumage. The blue Jay’s head is turned slightly to the side, giving the viewer a glimpse of its piercing gaze and sharp beak. At the base of the branch, a chokecherry branch flows up, its deep red wine color berries a striking contrast to the Blue Jay's vivid blue. The chokecherry leaves are painted using a limited palette of colors that an artist might have used in the 18th century. The leaves are rendered with a level of detail and realism that would have been impressive for an artist of that time period. Overall, this art piece is a testament to the skill and dedication of the artist, with every element carefully crafted and rendered to create a beautiful and lifelike depiction of a blue jay perched on a branch. In doing so he hopes to bring awareness the beauty of the natural world that artists have been painting for centuries and the need for conservation.


AFC Medal of Excellence Award WinnerMedal of Excellence
AFC Best of Show Award WinnerBest of Show Award

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