"The wildfowl sculptures I create is to showcase the beauty I see in nature. In doing so I hope other will stop and take notice of nature even if they are in their back yard. It sad to see the decrease in song birds and bees around my little part of the world. Enjoy what we have and please help with conservation. "

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of my art work will be donated to organizations involved in the conservation of nature. Two organizations that are close two my heart are the Algonguin Wildlife Research Centre and The Owl Foundation. Since 1944 The Algonquin Wildlife Research Centre has been providing wildlife research,student training as well as a place for biologist to do research."Our 75-years of ecological research have contributed significantly to knowledge, policy, and conservation of species and ecosystems in Canada." The Owl Foundation rehabilitates injured or orphanded owls to be released back into the wild. I am proud to be able to financially support these two organrization plus my effords at home for the conservation of wildlife.