Don Alemany Wildfowl Carver

Wildfowl carving is a form of art that involves creating detailed, realistic sculptures of birds and other wildlife. It has its roots in the tradition of making decoys to attract waterfowl for hunting, but has since evolved into a standalone art form that focuses on capturing the beauty and individual characteristics of birds and other animals.

The process of creating a wildfowl sculpture typically begins with research and gathering reference materials, followed by the creation of a clay model to serve as a guide for the final sculpture. The sculpture is then carved in wood and may also include elements made of metal or other durable materials. The finished sculpture should be a highly detailed and realistic representation of the subject, inspiring viewers to appreciate the beauty of nature.

It's great to hear that the artist you mentioned, Don, is a member of Artist for Conservation and supports organizations like the Algonquin Wildlife Research Station and The Owl Foundation. It's important to recognize the role that art can play in raising awareness and supporting conservation efforts, and it's wonderful that Don is using his art to make a positive impact.

Support for Conservation: 

 Part of the proceeds from the sale of his art works will be donated to these non-for-profit Algonquin Wildlife Reseach Station and The Owl Foundation.