""Never Before has it been so important to capture the creatures of this planet that are disappearing before our very eyes! I am deeply concerned about the rapid slide to extinction that so many animals across the planet are facing - With the dust of Africa ingrained in my brush and ingrained in my blood, I am compelled to capture its precious remnants.... before mankind has destroyed it all! ​ "

Since being made Global Patron to I have been committed to working towards raising funds for  After the success of the Auction of "The last Three" Helping Rhinos have asked me donate  another painting that will be auctioned next year in London in Westminster.  (More details on that later).

On the 12th October 'Ngorongoro Lioness will be auctioned to raise funds for Animals Helping Animals at the Royal Geographical Society in London.  All funds go to their fantastic anti poaching dog team who are playing a very important roll in the fight against poaching in various countries in Africa.