Houri - The Beauty of the Egyptian Sands

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Houri - The Beauty of the Egyptian Sands

12.00" H x 9.00" W
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"Traveling to the Giza Plateau in Egypt, I had agreed to this 'exotic, rarely conducted camel tour around the pyramids'. Of course, I figured out quickly that the tour was indeed 'around' the pyramids, because my guide did not want to pay the entrance fee to the Giza complex. So there I was in the midst of the Libyan Sahara, far from both monuments and humanity. Perched precariously upon the camel's wobbly hump, I looked helplessly down at my guide. Gesticulating wildly, he was heatedly haggling with me, threatening to walk the camel further into the desert should I not agree to his 'new rate'. Out of unashamed fear, I capitulated. Much later I disembarked with relief. I took a final look at Houri, who stood relaxed in the blazing sun. Her demeanor was so comically calm, given the threatening transaction that had earlier taken place, I had to capture this moment. A few weeks later, in the air-conditioned comfort of my apartment, I used a scalpel to evoke the woolly fluff of her face and neck. Scratchboard seemed to be the inevitable medium to convey her distinctive features."

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