The Artist

"Consumed by insatiable wanderlust and a deep-rooted passion for exploring exotic cultures, I’ve lived in a dozen countries and visiting over seventy five. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Throughout my travels I have immersed myself in the cultures of each area, trying to comprehend the secrets and legends of each locale. As I have crisscrossed the globe places of divine power always intrigued me. From the mighty red rocks of Petra, Jordan, to the fury of the Hawaiian volcanoes, to the religious fervor of Varanasi, India, I have long been compelled to explore and portray such awe-inspiring divinity through my writing and artwork.

Through pen and paint I seek to portray the emotional essence of such places, and the fauna and flora that abound here. It’s less about how they might appear to the casual observer than how they feel to me at that moment of inspiration.

As a much-exhibited artist I focus on landscapes and wildlife, capturing their essence using a variety of techniques including scratchboards, watercolors, and acrylic mediums. Over the past 30 years, I’ve participated in several group and solo exhibitions of my art works in the U.S. and across the world and have won several art awards. As a signature member of a number of prestigious artists’ organizations, including the International Society of Scratchboard Artists and Artists for Conservation, I regularly exhibit my work in various juried and non-juried shows organized by local art guilds in the Chicagoland area, other U.S. cities and internationally.

I am also an award-winning writer whose articles on travel have been published by leading newspapers internationally. I am the author of an Art/Travel book, Rambles into Sacred Realms: Journeys in Pen and Paint, which depicts my stories of twelve places of peace and power around the world retold through my artwork and prose. 

Recent Artwork