Song of the Sea

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Song of the Sea

21.50" H x 41.00" W
Year Completed:
humpback whale
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Artist will donate 15% to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society from sale of this work.
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$5,500 USD

La Canción del Mar (Song of the Sea)

How do we communicate when we don’t speak the same language? Through art, music, and dance.      

In this piece, through song, the humpback whale lifts up the colors of the sea.

I relished my time researching humpback whales and whale song and I was so moved by what I found in many scientific journals, especially by Roger Payne, and Scott and Hella McVay that showed a visual component to the sound. Their studies, along with Lois K Winn’s tracings showing geographic variation of song, inspired me and allowed me to represent a song unique to the Gulf of California and showcase whales I shared my time with in Cabo Pulmo, Baja Califoria Sur, Mexico. The scientist in me was fascinated by how their songs differ between populations and during this research I noticed a photo wherein the sound frequencies resembled music notes. In bringing all of this together, I decided to incorporate representations of the sound frequencies specific to male whales that visit the Gulf of California, which are rising off its body, resembling lines of music.



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