"I like to inspire others through my art and actions to take pride in their natural backyard, and do what they can to live a life of conservation. My current conservation focuses are on our oceans and the Sonoran Desert region. "

My Net Loss painting has been used to promote conservation of the critically endangered vaquita and totoaba. It is currently a part of the Association of Zoo's and Aquarium's SAFE action plan (Saving Animals from Extinction) for the vaquita.  The painting was commissioned for the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum's Vanishing Circles collection. A portion of the sale price was donated to the Marine Mammal Center to help CIRVA in their efforts to save the vaquita. I recently donated my time and artwork to develop Stella the Stingray for the Arizona-Sonora Desert museum. I created a parody Guardians of the Galaxy movie poster, and capes are also available for purchase so others can be a Guardian of the Gulf.  I want to inspire others to protect our oceans and eat sustainable seafood.