The Artist

"We are worlds apart, though the world as artists are joined togeather through groups like  Artists for Conservation.    I will add info into the News and blog as the year folds out for me .   "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

The start of another great year 2020. This year i have been able to finish a project started in 2017. A new studio in the back yard big enough to house all my art work and some old and new framing equiptment COMPUTERS and other gear, also an area for an outside cinema with a 31/2 meter x 2 meter screen to show some of my old paintings and video that has been taken over the years. 2017 was a great year and looking forward to 2020. The Two major paintings i started in 2017 are now finished,  looking to start more paintings on the way and a possible third ready to go, the work I submitted WAS PUBLISHED for the Australian Geo Magazine  and all my client and friends supported  GEO MAG . quite a few thousand were sold which will help W.A.M.A. the  Wildlife Art MUSEUM  of Australian GETTING MORE FUNDS TO PUSH THERE PROJECT ALONG IN THE GRAMPIANS AND I WILL HAVE A GO AT GETTING INTO THE 2019 CALENDAR. All wishes go out to wildlife we paint and to the artists.

Projects are popping up in lots of different ways, Lots of sketches from trips OVER THE PAST YEARS and looking forward to a extended tour TO BUTAN 2020

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