I have a great desire to contribute to the long-term preservation of our unique Australian native environment and I desire that my artwork will encourage and motivate all to this end. Being an artist is very important to me. It has opened my eyes to the splendid color and moods of this great country, the unique flora and fauna, and to the overwhelming responsibility we have to preserve what little is left.

Conservation Projects & Causes

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Devil Ark Australia,  Aussie Ark Australia, Australian reptile park - James Hough with Director Devil Ark Tim Faulkner and donated painting Gala Dinner 2017 | James Hough

Devil Ark Australia, Aussie Ark Australia, Australian reptile park

Devil Ark is a not for profit organisation and registered charity and dedicated in ensuring the survival of the endangered Tasmanian devil at risk of extinction due to Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD). Wild populations have plummeted by more than 90% since 1996 when the first case of DFTD was discovered. In 2009, Devil Ark joined an innovative captive breeding program to save the Tasmanian devil from going extinct. Devil Ark plays a critical role in creating an insurance population of the Tasmanian devil. Devil Ark’s facility was built in 2011 with only 44 founder devils. Over the past...