"The beauty of the natural world is something that we must always cherish. "

Beth has used her time and talent to raise funds and awareness for many conservation causes, including the Algonquin Wolf Fund, the Ganaraska Conservation Authority, and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) which commissioned a limited edition polar bear family print for their Adopt-a-Polar Bear campaign. There are approximately 21,000 polar bears in the wild and they are a threatened species because of global warming. WWF also commissioned a Siberian tiger print fundraiser for their Wildlife Trade Program. Through its global network and the work of TRAFFIC (Trade Record Analysis of Flora and Fauna in Commerce), WWF helps to combat the illegal wildlife trade and works with the private sector to promote sustainable trade. 

An original painting was auctioned for research purposes at an Algonquin Wolf Fund event in Ottawa. Wolves and coyotes are now protected in four areas centred around provincial parks. The largest of these areas is around Algonquin Provincial Park, the Algonquin wolf’s stronghold. The hunting of wolves has been banned there since 2001 and has been a conservation success. However, the Algonquin wolf still remains threatened under the UICN classification as they can travel hundreds of kilometres, and as such, they certainly require government protection for all of Ontario .

At a recent charitable event, an original cardinal painting by Beth was auctioned to benefit the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority. This organization's goal is the conservation, restoration, development and management of natural resources on a watershed basis while providing public enjoyment of the lands it oversees.
The watersheds of the GRCA cover an area of 361 square miles and is at a pivotal moment in its history. The largest block of continuous forest in Southern Ontario, it is a huge expanse of 11,000 acres that represents one of the most successful conservation projects ever undertaken in central Canada.

Her artwork continues to be featured in a variety of fundraising events for wildlife conservation.