The Artist

"Birds and mammals in their habitat, with preliminary field sketches usually drawn directly onto the canvas or board and overpainted in acrylics and oils. My paintings are about movement, light and colour, and attempt to convey a sense of time and place. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

I am a wildlife artist from the UK. My subjects are mainly birds although I also paint other wildlife as well as landscapes. I was elected as a Signatory Member of AFC in 2014. Inspired by contemporary bird artists such as Robert Greenhalf, Nick Derry, James McCallum and Darren Woodhead I try to paint and sketch outdoors as much as possible. Most of my work concerns things I encounter in my home county of Norfolk - not the rarities, but the everyday wildlife of field and hedgerow, marsh and shore.

Earlier this year I was one of the artists feataured in the 'Red 67' book produced by the British Trust for Ornithology - a collaboration by 67 UK artists and 67 UK authors to highlight the plight of the 67 'Red-listed' birds on the UK list. All artworks were donated free of charge, and auctioned for conservation. All of the artworks sold online within an hour. The first printing of the book sold out on publication day; two thirds of the second printing had been sold before the book was even delivered from the printers; we arae now awaiting the third printing!  I am currently producing a set of 60 black and white A4 oil paintings to illustrate 'The Birds of Cork', the county avifauna which will be published towards the end of 2021.

Recent Artwork