Last Supper

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Last Supper

36.00" H x 72.00" W
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Elephant, dolphin, dog, boarder collie, crow, rooster, rock rooster, badger, lion, king of beasts, deer, cougar, horse, raccoon, bull, okapi
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I spent 3 months in the evening researching which animal would best symbolize the charactor of each apostle. After that, it took me 6 months to paint. I also added in here how each of them died. Here are very some limited notes I made of each.

12 Apostles Condensed Notes


Bartholomew (Nathaniel)

Cheerful and devoted. Not much known of him. Flayed alive with a carving knife. Only disciple with royal blood. The color purple and elephants symbolizes royalty = Elephant


James The Younger (Lesser)

Not much known, mentioned only three times in the Bible. James the Just - virtue. Stoned then killed by a fullers club to head then sawed him in half. A dolphin symbolizes virtue = Dolphin



Commercial fisherman. A leader and often gathered people to come to Jesus. Brought the boy with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread to Jesus to feed the crowd of thousands. Died not nailed but tied on an X shaped cross. Social and a gatherer. = Border Collie


Judas Iscariot

Social and vocal in crowds. Loved money, carried and handled the Apostles money bag. Died hanging himself, from a tree. Crows are very social and vocal, and attracted to shiny objects. = Crow



Commercial fisherman and in the Inner Circle. Bold confident and talkative and was the leader and spokesmen for the apostles. Only married apostle. Died on a cross upside down. The name Peter means made of stone or rock. Denied Christ 3 times before the rooster crows. = Plymouth Rock Rooster



Commercial fisherman and in the Inner Circle. Served poison in a cup it turned into a snake. He was the youngest disciple. The only disciple to die of old age. “Beloved Disciple”, Brother of James the greater. “Sons of thunder” and had a temper, he was ambitious and bold. = Badger



Pomegranate is a symbol of Christs suffering and resurrection. At the supper, Jesus took off his outer robe and washed his disciples feet from a bowl of water. He broke bread to represent his body, poured wine into his glass and had each of the disciples take a sip to remember his blood. Died on the cross. “King of kings”, “King of the Jews”... King of the jungle. = Lion



Little known about Tomas. Referred to be as Jesus twin because they looked alike – Gemini twin symbol. Skeptic, “Doubting Thomas”. Speared to death. He was timid = Deer


James The Greater

Commercial fisherman and in the Inner Circle. Closest apostle to Jesus. Brother to John - “Sons of Thunder”. Scallop shell – symbol of his ministry. Stoned to death. He was courageous and ambitious. = Cougar



Jewish apostle that had a Greek name. After Jesus died preached in Greece. Died on a cross then wrapped in papyrus. Philip in Greek means lover of horses. = Andravida Greek horse



Publican tax collector and not liked by the Jews. Little known of him but good with the pen and wrote the book of Matthew. Axed to death. Dexterous and good with the pen = Raccoon


Jude (Thaddeus)

Fire halo represents when at the Pentecost he received the Holy Spirit and became “tongue of fire”. After Jesus died, he wore a picture of Jesus on a necklace. Killed by arrows. Little know of him but a man of positive force and virtue. = Bull



Was a Zealot which was a member of Jewish movement against Romans. A debater. Crucified up side down then sawed in half at death. Very little known of Simon. = Okapi

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