The Artist

"Wildlife fantasy is created in Lindas dreams and she often wakes in the middle of the night doing thumbnail sketches of what she believes will be a great painting. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Linda Ridd Herzog's interest in wildlife was sparked by her upbringing in the natural splendor of Salt Lake City, Utah. Though she has taken classes and workshops, Herzog is a largely self-taught painter. The result of her experimentation manifests a unique style of her own.

Herzog's work combines marine life and wildlife with fantasy that she sees in her dreams. She often finds herself waking from particularly vivid dreams in the middle of the night and then does a thumbnail sketch of what she believes will be a great painting. Then she is able to transform that image onto canvas with oil paint.

Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Maui, Tokyo, New York, Chicago, and  throughout California.  Her work can be found in corporate collections including Toyota and the Swatch Museum. Herzog’s paintings are currently in San Diego, and 3 of AErena Galleries and Gardens in the Napa California area.

Recent Artwork