How do we make "Hotspots" a little less "Hot" ?

What do you think of when you hear the word "hotspot"?

Hopefully you think of a biologically diverse area of our planet that is under severe threat. The concept was first defined by British ecologist Norman Myers in 1988, and according to Conservation International, there are currently 34 such "hotspots" on our planet.

Each "hotspot" has already lost at least 70% of its original vegetation. Over 50% of the world´s plant species and 42% of all terrestrial vertebrates are endemic to these 34 "hotspots". In other words, almost half the animals on our planet live in these severely threatened regions.

Click on the link below to read my entire Blog Post on the AFC website from June 30, 2011 about the challenges of the Atlantic Coastal Rainforest "Hotspot" of Brazil.


CLICK HERE :  How do we make "Hotspots" a little less "Hot" ?