ABUN Artists Support WORLD ALBATROSS DAY - JUNE 19, 2020


The Artists of ABUN - Artists & Biologists Unite for Nature are sharpening their pencils, priming their canvases and selecting reference photos from more than 100, as they prepare to support ACAP - Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrals in their preparations for the FIRST World Albatross Day, June 19, 2020. We are also delighted to be partnering with Projeto Albatroz in this project, supporting the work they do for the Albatross species soaring over our Brazilian waters.

According to ACAP's Information Officer, John Cooper, "ACAP is particularly pleased to be able to collaborate with ABUN - Artists & Biologists Unite for Nature with its 30th Project that will lead to the creation of a World Albatross Day banner to help illustrate the conservation crisis that continues to be faced by the world’s 22 species of albatrosses.  The involvement of nature and wildlife artists in this way will enable the general public to become more aware of the problem and thus be able to lend their support to helping save these majestic birds.”

Cooper continues in describing ACAP and the decision for the creation of a World Albatross Day, "The Agreement on the Conservation of Albatrosses and Petrels (ACAP, www.acap.aq) is a multilateral agreement which seeks to conserve listed albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters by coordinating international activity to mitigate known threats to their populations. Development of the Agreement commenced in 1999 following recognition especially of the numbers of albatrosses being killed by longline fisheries as they became caught and drowned after seizing baited hooks. ACAP was concluded rapidly with only two meetings required to agree its formal text. ACAP was opened for signature in Canberra, Australia on 19 June 2001 and entered into force on 1 February 2004 when five countries had become Parties by ratification. Currently there are 13 Parties to the Agreement - Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, France, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, South Africa, Spain, the United Kingdom and Uruguay’ and 31 listed species of albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters. The Agreement’s Secretariat is based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. ACAP is supported by a small Secretariat which consists of an Executive Secretary, a Science Officer and an honorary Information Officer. 

In May 2019 ACAP's Advisory Committee at its most recent meeting held in Brazil declared that a conservation crisis continues to be faced by its 31 listed species, with thousands of albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters dying every year as a result of fisheries operations. To increase awareness of this crisis within the general public ACAP is inaugurating a World Albatross Day, to be held annually on 19 June from 2020, the date the Agreement was signed in 2001. The chosen theme for ‘WAD2020’ is “Eradicating Island Pests”, chosen to highlight the threats albatrosses and petrels can also face on their breeding islands from introduced rodents, cats and pigs. This theme also recognizes the efforts that will be made next year to eliminate the introduced “killer” House Mice that have taken to attacking and killing albatross chicks and breeding adults and their chicks on both Gough and Midway Islands.”

ABUN, founded in 2016, together with my husband, Christoph Hrdina is entering our 5th year of work in supporting biologists and organizations in their work with threatened species and habitats. I can think of no better way to ‘Kick-Off’ this new year of 2020 than with a Project of this depth and beauty, bringing awareness of these glorious birds, all twenty-two species, for a grand celebration in June, their day to be celebrated. Our 30th Project, combining the talents of artists from around the globe to honor these creatures that spend much of their lives spanning a good part of the globe in flight.

Join our efforts, and/or follow our work at www.facebook.com/groups/ABUN4Nature.


Kitty Harvill, AFC Signature member

ABUN Co-founder