Dive Expedition to the Cayman Islands with AFC 2013

In May, 2013 I had the honour and pleasure of being part of a nine person team to the Cayman Islands. The 10 day expedition led by Jeff Whiting and Guy Harvey focused on scuba diving the stunning waters around the Cayman islands with particular attention on the endangered Green Turtle. It was certainly a trip of a lifetime. Having learned to scuba dive the previous year, I was excited to experience clear water diving with six other artists and two film makers.

The sea of the Cayman Islands contrasted greatly with the Irish waters I had trained in. Having visibility of up to 30 metres gave a breathtaking view of many colourful and strangely shaped fish and textured corals. It was a feast of inspiration. 

We travelled many different locations and encountered Green Turtles numerous times. As we dived, they glided by with elegance like as bird soaring on the warm thermals. I snapped many pictures however my greatest ambition is to travel back to the Cayman Islands or other endangered marine environments and paint and draw underwater. To dwell with an creature in its environment for a time is a great privliege, it is from this that great art is made.