Lorna Hamilton graduated from the University of Ulster in 1995 with BA (Hons) in Fine Art and

Lorna Hamilton has been working as a full time artist since graduating with Ba (Hons) in Fine Art in 1995. In 2005 following a successful period of painting portraits Lorna decided to follow her passion for wildlife. Just two years later, Lorna began exhibiting in America, first through the Society of Animal Artists (New York) and then a year later with Artists for Conservation. She is currently a signature member of Artists for Conservation, a prestigious wildlife art foundation which has 500 members worldwide. Lorna has exhibited with Artists for Conservation in various locations including, New York, Florida, Vancouver and China. In 2008 she represented the organisation on the front cover of their yearly show book with her painting of two Golden Eagles, ‘On the Edge’.

In 2012, Lorna joined Artists for Conservation on their first pilot scuba diving expedition to the Cayman Islands. Lorna was the only European representative on a team of 7 artists and 2 film makers. The expedition highlighted the need for conserving the marine habitat and in particular the Green Turtle.

Following two sell out exhibitions in N.Ireland and involvement in a number of local wildlife television productions, Lorna took some time out from producing finished pieces to develop her work in a new direction. In June 2018, Lorna found the breakthrough she was looking for. Having won a bursary to attend the John Busby Seabird Drawing course, she discovered her love for field drawing. ‘It is a massive challenge to sit outdoors for hours on end in all sorts of weather conditions and produce something which resembles a bird! But it is also the most fulfilling element to what I do. I missed out on so much when I was mainly studio based.’

Lorna is currently based in Nottingham, England. In addition to her studio and field work, Lorna also teaches art to men and women who have come through homelessness or addiction as well as supporting those struggling with their mental health. 

Support for Conservation: 

Organizations supported from artwork

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

Royal Society Protection of Birds

Passion to connect young people and adults with nature

I am leading an ongoing art project with a charitable organization who help vulnerable people in addiction and homelessness. My passion is to help them have skills in thinking, creativity and process to enable them to be inspired by and to love the world around them. 


Special Achievements: 

2007  Society of Animal Artists, The Wildlife Experience, Parker, Denver , Colorado

2008  Society of Animal Artists,The Neville Musuem, Green Bay, Wisconsin

2008 Birds in Art, Leigh Yawkey Musuem, Wisconsin

2008  Artists for Conservation,The Art of Conservation, Hiram Blauvelt Museum, New Jersey, USA

2008 Image chosen to be the design of the cover of Artists for Conservation Exhibition show book

2008 Featured artist in RTE Nationwide Television production, Ireland

2009 Society of Animal Artists, Rolling Hills Wildlife Adventure, Kansas, Dunnegan Gallery of Art, MO, Ward Museum of Wildfowl, MD

2010 Solo exhibition, WWT Art Gallery, N.Ireland

2011 Master Artists Seminar with Robert Bateman, Cortes Island, Vancouver Island

2011 Featured artist in BBC Wildweek LiveTelevision production.

2012 Solo exhibition, WWT Art gallery, N.Ireland

2013 Artists for Conservation Scuba Dive Pilot Expedition, Cayman Islands

2015 Featured artist in N.Ireland television production

2017 Artists and Illustrators Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London

2017 Artists for Conservation, Marine Exhibition Tour, Florida & China

2018 John Busby Bursary winner, Society of Wildlife Artists, Mall Galleries, London