Sculpting "Specter of Howe Quarry"

in 2011 Mark was commissioned by a private collector in Colorado to create a 1:7 scale, polychromed bronze sculpture of Allosaurus fragilis. The concept was derived from a painting done for the Siber & Siber Museum, Switzerland, based on a Late Jurassic mass mortality event at the Howe Quarry,Colorado. Here many dozens of diplodocid sauropods died of dehydration and exposure after they congregated in an ever-dwindling waterhole, and were scavenged by the apex theropod predator.

Sculpting "The Mammoth Hunter"

Sculpting the limited edition bronze "The Mammoth Hunter" in 2006 (see SHOP) was preceded by extensive research not only into the anatomy of "Classic" (Middle Mousterian Industry) Neanderthals but also consultation with Dr. Ian Tattersall of the American Museum of Natural History. After creating studies of the head, body and weapons, Mark began with an armature and systematicall applied layers of Sculpey clay to create the final form.