Family Ties

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Family Ties

28.00cm H x 50.00cm W
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This painting focuses on the intelligence of pigs, their distinct personalities and strong social bonds to portray the fact that pigs are sentient beings.  Pigs feel emotions and build relationships with each other, other animals and humans. 
Pigs naturally enjoy rich forested environments, using their highly sensitive snouts to root among leaf litter, explore and forage for food.  Andrew Knight, a veterinary Professor of Animal Welfare, and Director of Research and Education with SAFE states; their "strong social bonds and relatively complex animal societies have stimulated an intelligence greater than that of domesticated dogs -  indeed, pigs are among the most intelligent of all mammals'*.  
However, in New Zealand, around 16,000 sows are confined in cages, known as farrowing crates, barely larger than their own bodies in the lead up to, and aftermath of, giving birth.  This prevents the mothers from carrying out their natural instinctive behaviour - to build nests, interact socially with other pigs and care properly for their young.  The reason for using farrowing crates is the drive for ever-greater financial returns per animal and per square metre of farm shed and has resulted in genetic selection for larger sows, oversize litters and a desire to pack the maximum amount of animals possible into the minimum conceivable space.

*Online article '' called 'New Zealand should ban farrowing crates', 16 August 2017

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| Open Edition (unsigned) Open 23.00cm H x 41.00cm W $70.00 USD

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