The Bond

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The Bond

Birds and Animals
35.00cm H x 35.00cm W
Dairy Cow and Calf
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Artist will donate 20% to SAFE For Animals from sale of this work.
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'The Bond' focuses on the incredible strength and depth of the maternal bond.  It is evident in humans and also in other animal species.  The cow and her calf is a poignant sight particularly as they have so little time together.  Calves are taken from their mothers at only a few days old to be killed as 'waste products' of the dairy industry or to replace worn out dairy cows.  Dairy cows must constantly be pregnant to produce milk and are often both pregnant and lactating from a previous pregnancy at the same time.  Through genetic selection, careful feeding and frequent milking - sometimes up to three times a day - dairy cows produce and carry far more milk than they naturally would.  Their milk is taken for human consumption. By the time a dairy cow is 5 or 6 years old their bodies are exhausted and their milk yield drops.  No longer productive they are sent to slaughter.  Their natural lifespan is around 20 years.

My painting focuses on the sincerity of this unconditional maternal love as well as evoking empathy for these creatures who are denied the lifetime of love they should enjoy.

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