Bee Aware

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Bee Aware

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32.00cm H x 42.00cm W
Honey Bee
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The honeybee is gradually declining, not only in New Zealand, but internationally. One factor attributed to this is the declining floral resources leading to pollen shortages and bee malnutrition. One such resource is gorse, which is vital to bees, particularly in winter when bee colonies are small and bees rely on protein to grow. It is, however, treated as a 'pest plant' in New Zealand since it is introduced and competes with young trees in commercial forests.

Other factors leading to the decline of bees are increasing honeybee pests and diseases as well as undervaluing the vital role of the beekeeping industry to the economy. One of the most devastating honeybee pests is the varroa mite. These external parasites feed and live on adult honeybees, but mainly feed and reproduce on larvae and pupae in the developing brood, causing malformation and weakening of the bees as well as transmitting numerous viruses.

'Bee Aware' highlights the plight of the honeybee in the hope of raising awareness. It depicts an adult bee gathering pollen from gorse with a varroa mite attached to its body.

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Open Edition | Open Edition (unsigned) Open 27.00cm H x 35.50cm W $70.00 USD

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