"I believe that all animal species should thrive in their natural environment and be free to live independently.  There is a subtle difference between conservation and animal welfare.  Although both involve a love of animals, animal welfare is concerned with the individual; conservation with the many.  As I am concerned for the well-being of all living creatures I am strongly supportive of both causes, but particularly animal welfare.  When you think about it, man can be traced to the reason for all animal abuse and endangerment.  Fortunately there are so many of us to remedy this in any small or large way we can. "

I am a regular volunteer and donator of SAFE For Animals, New Zealand's leading animal advocacy organisation.  Our current focus is on stopping all New Zealand supermarkets selling cage eggs and lobbying to put an end to rodeo abuse, factory farming and live exports.

I donate proceeds of sales of all prints of my work to the SPCA and SAFE For Animals.

Conservation Projects & Causes

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The Search for Silva

Fiona has written and beautifully illustrated a children's sophisticated picture book.  Called The Search for Silva, it is written from the point of view of animals, in the genre of an armchair treasure hunt.  It is aimed at promoting compassion and empathy towards animals.

It follows a welcome swallow, Sam, who, on the way to the dawn chorus, meets a cow called Cindy.  Cindy is upset as she has lost her calf, Silva.  Sam teams up with Cindy to find Silva and they meet other animals on their journey and learn of their experiences.  There are clues, both in the text and illustrations...

Silent Skies Mural

'Silent Skies' is an international collaborative mural mosaic featuring all 678 endangered species of birds of the world.  It is a collaboration between Artists for Conservation and the 27th International Ornithological Congress in Vancouver, Canada.