The Artist

"Watching wild animals in their natural environment and walking in wild landscapes offers us moments of deep joy, peace and the feeling that things seem to be right. Wildlife artists, biologists and paleontologists are sure that a great range of species diversity is the sign of a rich and healthy planet Earth. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Elke's place of birth is Stade, near Hamburg, Germany. She left this town for studying geology, paleontology and biology in Berlin and Marburg. After having finished with a diploma and a doctor's degree, she is working as a paleontologist about 30 years at a small university in the Harz Mountains, exploring fossil animals and teaching. After her retirement in 2020 she wants to spend most of her time especially as a wildlife artist with the main focus on recent wild and domestic animals as well as reconstructions of extinct organisms. Futher favoured subjects are portraits and a little bit of surrealism, inspired by nature. Elke is drawing and painting since nearly 50 years. Her mainly used techniques are colored pencils, ink, charcoal, pastels and oil.

Recent Artwork