My home is in a small walnut acreage in the midst of other orchards and hills. After loss, I began painting many years ago and haven't stopped. The learning curve is tough!

    I'm in awe of every single person on this website and nature artists everywhere because they're sharing wildlife and nature in incredible ways and perspectives, they're sharing this beauty with people who might otherwise be unable to see it, and this inherently encourages conservation that Earth needs so desperately, and the grace that is basic for ecology.

    Ecosystems and habitats fascinate. Maybe my greatest challenge as an artist and as a person is to continue to try to learn how living things respectfully work together with humility, harmony, and synchrony, and to help in whatever way I'm able.

    My educational background and degrees include anthropology, wildlife biology, ethnomusicology, and academic interests in wildlife habitat, wildlife, analysis and research, and adaptive management. But we are composites of our entire lives.


    As an indie author, I’ve written three books and published four.

Second Age  

    When my dad was in his late 80’s, he wrote about his life and adventures he experienced in the early 1930’s. He would have liked to publish this, so I digitized it and published it for him in his memory. Information and links are at

The Secret Lives of Chickens

    It was a treat to be able to write about chickens I have known and loved, their society, their wiles, their cleverness, their cunning — we underestimate them. It was even more enjoyable to construct the book’s file chock full of images from times past and present. There is more at

Reflections: A Modest Collection of Short Stories

    The stories vary but suggest that we open our eyes to synchrony and the environment of mind, spirit, heart, and senses, approaching all of it, since often, we don’t notice the entirety of what is around us.     

Dark Water: Healing from Stress after Trauma  by Opal Rose, a pen name

    This book is about healing and about moving forward. It offers hope and resources. More about the book and links for information about posttraumatic stress are at


Support for Conservation: 


Focus is on conserving the natural world, so volunteering has been with groups and causes that research and study issues in a given area, including surveys and habitat restoration. Over many years, I’ve belonged to conservation organizations and have donated artwork to a local land trust and art groups, and time to local conservation groups.

    The Lake County Land Trust is a volunteer organization dedicated to purchasing vulnerable and valuable critical habitat for local wildlife and vegetation. Then it protects this habitat and shares it with the public primarily via hikes and environmental programs held at its center, a house that it has restored. Areas that would otherwise have been lost are now forever preserved in their natural states. Its website is

    With increasing fires and floods (the Rocky, Jerusalem, Valley, and Redwood fires were not far away), conservation efforts feel urgent. We are all concerned about global warming and what it means. Northern California where I live is, and has been, experiencing effects. I think about wildlife and the homes that it needs to survive. Those are disappearing, and modified ecosystems and microecosystems are developing. 

    For some years, I've researched and studied habitat and species conservation for Clearlake hitch, Lavinia exilixauda chi, an endemic minnow with failing populations that require vanishing wetlands and marshlands for a complete life cycle. This has included adaptive management, research, reports, habitat analysis, and annual field work. Hitch habitat is about water, a major, multi-pronged issue these days. I believe this minnow is an indicator species and wish there were straightforward answers, but those don’t exist. More about hitch is at You can find research, monitoring, and field biology from 2012 to present. Links to more information are there as well.

    However every ecosystem is complex and filled with organisms that are special to it. I am enchanted by phyto- and zoo-plankton and connected food webs, and, must love wolves and must love polar bears. Again, availability of critical habitat is vital. Appreciation and respect for all life is crucial. 

     It's not always easy to determine what you are able to do and where you can help, but you have to try.